The mission of the "PROJAN" Foundation is a charitable activity socilly usefull for the benfit of universal development of Polish society, particularly in such areas as health protection, social help as well as combating social exclusion. At present we lead three parallel programmes: PROzdrowie, PROrodzinie and PROsenior, within the framework of which we help seriously ill children, families in difficult life and health situation, and also older persons.

We kindly inform that the English version contains only basic information.


Our Programs

lesson-from-the-asia-and-pacific-museumOn 30th of June 2016 a group of twenty Seniors visited the Asia and Pacific Museum...
qseniors-meeting-in-the-cafe-ycie-jest-fajneqlife-is-coolMay 30th 2016, as part of the program "Senior in the café" our foundation organized...

Our activity

karinas-hippotherapyFrom June 2016 Karina attends the hippotherapy classes once a week. She rides steppe...
rehabilitation-for-bartoszIn June 2016 the Board of the Foundation decided to finance physiotherapy for...
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